Virtual Animal Anatomy

Virtual Animal Anatomy


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Produced by Dr. Ray Whalen and Dr. Christianne Magee
Dissection and Photography: Dr. Trent Gall, Dr. Eli Layman, Ms. Luisa Batista, Dr. Katie E. Christopher, Dr. Dana Marie DeSandre, Dr. Gina Parsons, Dr. Nicole Patton, Dr. Heather Robinson
Dissection, Photography, and Project Oversight: Dr. Steven Lisano
Programming: Ms. Andrea Linton, Dr. Martin Coster, Dr. Ingar Krebs
Anatomical Description: Dr. Anna Fails
Videos: Dr. Jeremy Delcambre
Spanish Translation: Dr. William Pérez
Outcomes Assessment: Ms. Andrea Linton and Dr. Christianne Magee
Image Manipulation: Dr. Amber Hinson, Dr. Martha Levin, Ms. Andrea Linton, Dr. Megan Okes, Dr. Gina Parsons, Dr. Nancy Tharp, Dr. Hank Thode, Mr. Devin Whalen
Quality Assurance: Dr. Ingrid Behrens, Dr. Mary Ellen Finley, Dr. Robert E. Lee, Dr. William Pérez, Dr. Silvia Stocker-Gulden, and the anatomy students of CSU CVMBS.
Consultant Radiologist: Dr. Susan Kraft


The strictest humane treatment was used during this project. All animals were previously euthanized. All work was pre-approved by The Humane Society.
This work has been financially supported by the Colorado State University (CSU) College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS), the Alternatives Research and Development Foundation, as well as program purchases, subscriptions, and donations.